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Health Payer Intelligence reports that CIGNA and SCAN Health Plan are teaming up to reach out to Medicare Advantage members in an effort to help them with senior loneliness during the great hunkering. SCAN’s “employees are calling on seniors, starting with the most at-risk and isolated. During their birthday and welcome calls, SCAN’s Senior Advocates—individuals who are both members and SCAN Health Plan employees—listen for potential social determinants of health needs.” What a great approach for FEHB plans to follow.

STATNews discusses the value of using chest CT scans to reliably reliably supplement other forms of COVID-19 testing in our country.

STATNews also has developed a new electronic dashboard to gauge the readiness of rural counties in the U.S. to deal with the COVID-19 emergency or other pandemics. The developers are seeking public comment on the dashboard. This dashboard should have benefits beyond the current emergency.

Healthcare Dive reports that

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is working to automate generation and transmission of COVID-19 case reports to deliver data put in provider EHRs directly to public health agencies.

For providers that don’t have EHRs with the ability to electronically send case reports, CDC is creating a FHIR-based app [called eCR Now] to connect COVID-19 electronic case reporting (eCR) to existing health IT infrastructure to confirm cases and route the data to appropriate end users. The goal is to give public health officials a more accurate, timely picture of the pandemic.

The FEHBlog is quite a fan of the FHIR API.

This is the time of the year when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hold events that allow citizens to safely dispose of unused prescription drugs. Obviously these events are not being held this April. The DEA has creates a website on safe householder disposal of unused prescription drugs. It’s good information for health plans to share with members.

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