Government Contract Law

We have several Federal Employees Health Benefits Plans as clients. Because these plans are established by federal procurement contracts, this practice area involves counseling on a multitude of government contract issues, including contract negotiation, cost allowability, benefit claims disputes, and affirmative action requirements.

We represent a trade association of Federal Employees Health Benefit Plans, and are a leading authority on issues under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act.

General Corporate Law

Our firm serves as counsel to several companies, including several engaged in the area of health care-related services and employee benefits. We render advice and counsel on a wide variety of contract and regulatory matters, commercial transactions, and financing.

Tax Exempt Organization

Our firm serves as counsel to several tax exempt organizations. We render advice and counsel to those organizations on a range of compliance issues.


Our litigation practice spans the other practice areas in which we engage, including third party recovery services. For example, we are experienced in litigating FEHBA, ERISA, and Medicare Advantage subrogation claims, as well as ERISA overpayment claims.


The multitude of federal laws governing health care pose many legal hurdles for health plans. The benefits of compliance and the risks of non-compliance are great. Ermer & Suter, PLLC plays a key role in assisting its clients to achieve and maintain compliance with these laws. We are prepared to help new clients, as well.


Learn more about the subrogation arm of our firm, Third Party Recovery Services, here.