Friday Stats and More

Based on the CDC’s Cases in the U.S. website, here is the FEHBlog’s chart of new weekly COVID-19 cases and deaths over the 20th through 42nd weeks of this year (beginning May 14 and ending October 21; using Thursday as the first day of the week in order to facilitate this weekly update):

and here is the CDC’s latest overall weekly hospitalization rate chart for COVID-19:

The FEHBlog has noted that the new cases and deaths chart shows a flat line for new weekly deaths  because new cases greatly exceed new deaths. Accordingly here is a chart of new COVID-19 deaths over the same period (May 14 through October 21):

The Wall Street Journal explains that

Epidemiologists and public-health researchers have said a number of factors, from pandemic fatigue to the return of college students to campuses and more social gatherings, are contributing to the latest rise in cases [as reflected in the top chart]. The recent increases are affecting broader swaths of the U.S. than the spring and summer surges, when outbreaks were heavily concentrated in a handful of states. “Outbreaks spread just like a fire,” said Emily Landon, an infectious-disease expert at the University of Chicago Medicine. “The more people are sick, the more people will be sick the next day.”

In the it could be worse department, the CDC also reports that “Seasonal influenza activity in the United States remains low.”