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The Wall Street Journal reports today that

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“Public-health experts increasingly agree—including critics of the Great Barrington Declaration—that the broad, months long lockdowns imposed in March may be too unpopular to sustain [again]. Experts who backed lockdowns in the spring now worry another round of the same type could backfire if the public ceases to comply.

Even proponents of more lockdowns are generally pushing for briefer, more targeted closures, dubbed circuit-breakers, in which governments would shut specific businesses for two or three weeks, such as bars, restaurants and possibly universities. Other institutions that appear to be lower risk—including day cares, elementary schools and outdoor facilities—could remain open.

“The opinion of public health experts is changing very rapidly,” said Jayanta Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, who is one of the co-authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. “In March, I felt alone. [Now] I think there are a very large number of public health experts, epidemiologists, and doctors who oppose further lockdowns.”

That’s a consensus that the FEHBlog can support.

Fierce Healthcare reports from the HLTH Conference on Humana CEO Bruce Broussard’s talk on how he adjusted his leadership style to the COVID-19 public health emergency. “He said that a virtual work environment has forced him to be much more “intentional” in his leadership approach, which meant adopting new strategies to reach workers and being more thoughtful about how he approaches communicating with Humana’s employees. * * * In addition,Broussard said he believes COVID-19 is putting a spotlight on the value of taking a whole-person approach to care. Having flexible access to a number of different services at home was crucial for the insurer’s largely-Medicare Advantage member base, who were at high risk from complications if they caught the virus. Broussard said he doesn’t foresee the momentum toward those options going away once COVID-19 is under control.

Today, the FEHBlog ran across another interesting conference which is being held later this week — American Healthcare Information Management Association (“AHIMA”) 20. The FEHBlog, who is an AHIMA member, purchased access to this virtual conference. The conference runs from October 14 to October 17.

A related organization, the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) holds its virtual annual conference from October 20 to 22. WEDI focuses on the HIPAA standard transactions while AHIMA focuses on the HIPAA-coded data included in those transactions. It is the umbrella law that piques this lawyers interest among other things.

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