Go Nats!

The FEHBlog is rushing through work to get to the Nats game against San Francisco this afternoon. OPM has not released the 2015 rates yet. The odder situation is that CMS has not released the 2015 Medicare Part B premiums yet as far as I can tell and the Medicare Open Season begins in less than two weeks (October 15).

The FEHBlog did notice this interesting article from MedCity News today about best strategies for getting people engaged in their own healthcare.  

The focus is not so much on signups for fitness programs or penalties for smokers, but building the right support system. Each member of the “Direct From Big Employers: How Can Healthcare Help Them?” panel described the most effective strategy they have seen: building a support structure that includes navigators to help people make good decisions and traverse the healthcare system

The FEHBlog got engaged when his doctor scared the you know what out of him just about three years ago. Of course, all healthcare is local.