Weekend Update

Congress is in session this week. We should get a better perspective this week on the status of federal government funding beyond September 30.

The Hill’s Floor Action blog reports that tomorrow the Senate will vote on the President’s nomination to Elaine Kaplan to be a judge on the U.S. Claims Court. Ms. Kaplan, who is OPM’s General Counsel, currently is the acting OPM Director. The FEHBlog is not sure when the Senate will act on the President’s nomination of Katherine Archuleta to be OPM Director. Sen. Tom Coburn removed his hold on her nomination over a month ago. The HSGA committee is holding a business meeting tomorrow afternoon.. The FEHBlog will keep an eye out for the agenda. Hopefully the Senate will confirm Ms. Archulata before OPM has to appoint another acting Director.

Govexec.com reports that  “For thousands of civilians in the Air Force, this could be a stuffy, fever-y couple of months. Due to budget constraints, the Air Force will no longer offer free influenza shots to non-military employees. In 2012, about 12,000 civilians received the free flu vaccines.” The pessimistic article overlooks the fact that these FEHB plans will cover influenza shots with no enrollee cost-sharing, e.g., free.

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