Weekend Update

Congress remains in session this coming week according to the Hill. “[A]t some point in the week, the Senate will swear in a new senator: current New Jersey Attorney General Jeff Chiesa (R), who will temporarily fill the seat of Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D)” until a special election in October.  The Hill also reports that experts believe that the sequester will survive into the next federal fiscal year.  The Federal Times reports that OPM is planning on offering about 300 employees buyout and early retirements.

Monday mornings in June are a special time for the FEHBlog because it’s fun to watch the live blog on the Scotusblog report the new U.S. Supreme Court opinions. Last week the FEHBlog was pleasantly surprised by a Supreme Court decision in a state law preemption case involving the Federal Employees Life Insurance Act (FEGLIA), Hillman v. Maretta. The Supreme Court still has not released its decision in the Defense of Marriage Act constitutionality case which could impact the FEHBA.

Health Data Management reports that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed its first lawsuits to enforce the 2008 genetic information anti-discrimination act and has settled one of the already. This law prohibits discrimination in health plan coverage and employment based on genetic information such as family medical histories and genetic tests. These lawsuits were brought against employers.