IRS Rev Proc 2013-25

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service released Rev. Proc. 2013-25 which includes health savings account (“HSA”) and high deductible health plan (“HDHP”) minimums and maximums for 2014.  The HSA contribution limits are $3,300 when you have self-only HDHP coverage and $6,500 when you have self and family HDHP coverage in 2014.  That’s an inflation adjusted increase of $50 over 2013 limits for both types of HDHP coverage.  The minimum HDHP deductible is $1250 for self only HDHP coverage and $2500 for self and family HDHP coverage, which is no change for 2013. The HDHP out of pocket (“OOP”) expense maximums (deductibles, co-payments, and other amounts [e.g. co-insurance , but not premiums) for 2014 are $6,350 for self-only coverage or $12,700 for self and family coverage. Those are inflation adjustments of $100 and $200 respectively compared to 2013.

There’s an additional significance to the OOP maximums for 2014 as pursuant to ACA § 1302(c) those OOP maximums also apply to group health plans, including FEHB plans, which are not HDHPs. Under ACA FAQ XII, group health plans that current have separate major medical and pharmacy benefit OOP maximums have a one year grace period to come into compliance with the new rule as long as the two OOP maximums independently comply with the HDHP limit.

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