The Supreme Court accepted an Affordable Care Act case for review this afternoon but it was not the one that the FEHBlog has been tracking. The Court granted “cert” in a scope of the contraceptive mandate case (No.s 19-431 and 19-454). The FEHBlog will keep an eye out for action the Texas v. United States case (No. 19-840) over the law’s constitutionality.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a report yesterday on adult physical inactivity prevalence by state and race / ethnicity. .

All states and territories had more than 15% of adults who were physically inactive.

In 4 states (Colorado, Washington, Utah, and Oregon) and the District of Columbia, 15% to less than 20% of adults were physically inactive.

In 24 states, 20% to less than 25% of adults were physically inactive.

In 15 states, 25% to less than 30% of adults were physically inactive.

In 7 states (Tennessee, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi), and 2 US territories (Puerto Rico, and Guam), 30% or more of adults were physically inactive.

The South (28.0%) had the highest prevalence of physical inactivity, followed by the Northeast (25.6%), Midwest (25.0%), and the West (20.5%).

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Govexec reports that early this month the Postmaster General Megan Brennan has delayed her retirement past the scheduled January 31, 2020 date in order to allow the Postal Service authorities more time to appoint her successor.

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