Weekend update

Congress remains in session this week on Capitol Hill.

The Wall Street Journal offers two articles of note:

  • An in-depth article about Google Health’s data analysis arrangements with large health care providers.
  • An article about a new prescription drug manufacturer EQRx, Inc. which claims it plans to offer generics at below market price. The article notes that

The new business is the latest example of how high drug costs have prompted hospital groupsstates such as Californiaand now drug-industry insiders to explore alternative models for making drugs at lower prices. 

Govexec.com reports that

The White House is calling on federal agencies to develop new strategies to reduce injuries in the federal workplace and to help those who are hurt to get back to work more quickly, creating a new, governmentwide push to help accomplish the goal. 

The Protecting Employees, Enabling Reemployment (PEER) Initiative will task each agency [including the Postal Service][ with developing specific strategies and goals to slash injuries on the job and time off of work due to injuries, Office of Management and Budget acting Director Russ Vought said in a memorandum dated Thursday. He noted that 107,000 federal employees filed new workers’ compensation claims in 2018 and received $3 billion in payments. 

Health Payer intelligence brings us up to date on budding payer efforts to provide senior members with ride sharing services to healthcare appointments. In the FEHlog’s view, this is a dandy idea.

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