Midweek update

Reuters reports that Congress is poised to extend the continuing resolution funding the federal government for an additional week to allow the Congressional parties to complete their negotiations over FY 2017 appropriations.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Republican majority in the House of Representatives are coalescing around the new, improved version of the American Health Care Act. “The bill has gotten new life because of a compromise crafted by Rep. Tom MacArthur (R., N.J.), a co-chairman of a centrist-leaning coalition of lawmakers called the Tuesday Group. His amendment would let states pursue federal waivers to opt out of some of the law’s insurance provisions.” A House floor vote could occur later this week if the stars continue to align.

Healthcare Dive provides us with six takeaways from the American Telemedicine Association conference.  The article is worth a gander as FEHBP carriers continue to roll out telemedicine coverage.

The large health insurer Anthem, a Blue Cross licensee, has been in the news alot lately. Fierce Healthcare features an interview with Anthem’s chief executive, Joseph Swedish. Following up on yesterday’s tidbits

Swedish confirmed Tuesday that Anthem has put out request for proposals for a new PBM provider, but he also emphasized that the insurer hasn’t yet ruled out any options—including Express Scripts. Anthem expects to have an update on its PBM plans in Q4, Swedish added, noting that “we’ve very excited about the opportunity to put together a new solution that serves our members better.”

Where are they now?  The Federal Times tells us that former OPM acting Director Beth Cobert is now the chief executive of The Markle Foundation’s Skillful labor-market initiative. The FEHBlog noticed last night on LinkedIn that former OPM policy director Jon Foley and former OPM healthcare and insurance director John O’Brien have form a consulting company called Westcott Partners. Best of luck to them all.