A big week coming up

This Friday is the end of the current federal fiscal year.  The FEHBlog expects Congress and the White House to agree on a short continuing resolution which will lead to a lame duck session following the national election on November 8.

OPM’s once in a blue moon Federal Employee Group Life Insurance Program Open Season also ends this Friday.

The opportunity for Federal Employee Long Term Care Insurance Program enrollees to make decisions about premium increases ends on Friday as well.  Federal News Radio reports that OPM has rejected a request from several DC metro area members of Congress to extend this decision period until Congress could hold a hearing on the issue in November.  A Washington Post columnist began a series of articles on the issue today.  The FEHBlog thinks that there’s a problem with the program structure created by the statute.

The FEHBlog expects that OPM will make an announcement about 2017 FEHBP premiums this coming week. Last week, CMS made an announcement about 2017 Medicare Advantage premiums.

This coming week is National Health Information Technology Week.  Here is an official list of ten ways to celebrate. Health IT News reports on the Week’s activities here.

Health Data Management reports on the work of a healthcare cybersecurity task force that was created by a recent federal law.

According to Theresa Meadows, co-chair of the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force and CIO of Cook Children’s Health Care System, the panel’s 20 subject matter experts are drawn from a wide variety of organizations including providers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, IT vendors, and government agencies. 

“We have representation from all the segments within healthcare so that we can have well-rounded discussions,” said Meadows. “There’s also a patient advocate on the task force.” 

Meadows said the task force has held several public and private meetings to date and will be “wrapping up its charge” early next year, after which it will report to Congress on its findings and recommendations.