Belated Weekend update

Note: As a result of some Blogger goof my last Weekend Update was not timely posted. So now it appears after the Midweek Update but it continues to have fresh info.

Congress remains engaged in its home work period through the Labor Day weekend.

OPM’s once in a blue moon Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program open season starts on Thursday September 1 and runs through the end of this month.  Although an FEHBP open season change starts a few weeks after the decision is made, FEGLI open season changes won’t take effect until October 1, 2017.  Check FEHB plan websites for non-FEGLI life insurance options available to federal employees. For example. GEHA rolled out a set of ancillary benefit offerings earlier this month.

The Wall Street Journal offers five things to know about U.S. healthcare spending.  In contrast to private sector employers which have been funnelling their employees into high deductible plans with health savings accounts, the FEHBP offers a wide range of PPO, HMO, and other models including these consumer driven plans.  Consequently, a smaller percentage of federal employees participate in the consumer driven plans compared to the private sector.

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