Tuesday’s Tidbits

Snowzilla pushed back Beth Cobert’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee to next Thursday February 4 at 10 am.  

Employee Benefits Advisor offers a list of ten regulatory issues to watch in 2016. For example, did you know that beginning next year employers will be obligated to furnish W-2 forms to both employees and the Internal Revenue Service by January 31? Apparently the current approach which allows the employer to furnish the form by January 31 and submit the form to the IRS by March 31 encourages fraud.  Take a peak. 
The Hill reports that federal spending on health care programs, e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, ACA subsidies, was higher tha federal spending on Social Security in 2015. (FYI, FEHBP is an employee benefit, not a federal health, program.)  This result was a historical first but the FEHBlog doubts that this result will be an outlier.  

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