Weekend update

The FEHBlog is not from the generation which takes pictures of food. However, he was moved to take a picture of this rainbow over a hotel in Chesapeake VA as a hopeful premonition for this week’s vacation.  

Time of course marches on. The FEHBlog got a message from Facebook that a page he likes changed over the weekend from Katherine Archuleta to Beth Cobert. Imagine that. 
What’s perhaps more shocking is that the FEHBlog missed an OPM data breach hearing on Capitol Hill last week. Last Wednesday, the Interior Department which housed the breached servers for OPM was up for a grilling by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.  Here’s a link to the Nextgov report.  The article suggests that Interior dodged a bullet because its files were “unscathed” by the breach. The FEHBlog doesn’t think that you can dodge a bullet when the gun is not pointed at you. Whoever “exfiltrated” the OPM files was not interested in Smokey Bear’s personnel file, which is available on the internet in any event. 
But seriously folks, Modern Healthcare reports on the results of its annual survey of physician compensation. 

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to find what Travis Singleton, senior vice president at Merritt Hawkins & Associates, refers to as the “Goldilocks zone” on physician compensation—striking the right balance between incentivizing productivity and rewarding quality. “Like it or not our system is still very much one that rewards procedural-based medicine and does not favor diagnostic medicine,” Singleton said. As long as that continues, “specialists will be the big winners when it comes to compensation overall.”