Weekend Update

Congress is now out of session for the upcoming Independence Day holiday.  Nextgov has provided its perspective on last week’s OPM data breach hearings. The Federal-Postal Coalition, which encompasses most federal employee and annuitant groups, has written a letter to the President about the issues created by the data breaches.

The Supreme Court ends its current term tomorrow with three argued cases left to decide according to ABC News.  As the FEHBlog and many others expected, the Supreme Court did legalize same sex marriage nationwide last Friday. This decision affects OPM’s rule allowing federal employees residing in the states that were not licensing those marriages to enroll the children of same sex domestic partners in the FEHBP. Children enrolled under this rule will lose their coverage at the end of this year unless their parents marry before then.

Fortune reports that the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell decision reinvigorated merger and acquisition activity in the health insurance sector. The report indicates that Humana’s Board of Directors prefers Aetna’s acquisition proposal to Cigna’s.

Finally, Onclive provides an interesting report on three different health insurer approaches to control the exploding cost of oncology care.