Cromnibus update

House leaders posted the omnibus FY appropriations bill colloquially known as the “Cromnibus” (H.R. 83) last night.  The bill would fund the federal government generally through September 30, 2015 and the Department of Homeland Security through February 2015.  The FEHBlog found no FEHBP surprises in the bill. The bill does include the now standard FEHBP-related appropriations provisions — an abortion coverage restriction, a contraception coverage mandate, and a prohibition against apply full Cost Accounting Standards coverage to FEHBP carriers. The Washington Post notes that  “The bill authorizes a 1 percent pay raise for military service members and allows a 1 percent pay raise for federal employees, ordered by [President] Obama, to begin in January.”  This Federal News Radio article provides more details on the end game, e.g., a brief extension of the continuing resolution to allow the House and then the Senate to approve the bill later this week.