Continuing Resolution extended one week

  • According to the Washington Post and the Hill, the House and the Senate voted today to extend the term of the current continuing resolution funding the federal government from December 14 until December 21.
  • The House yesterday agreed to schedule a vote on overriding the President’s second veto of the SCHIP reauthorization act for January 23, 2008, according to a Modern report.
  • House Speaker Pelosi announced this afternoon that it’s the Senate Finance Committee’s responsibility to craft a Medicare physician reimbursement fix according to a Modern report.
  • Bloomberg News reports about an Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research study that finds that “U.S. hospital bills almost doubled over a decade [1997 – 2005] and might reach $1 trillion next year as the aging population seeks care for stroke and heart disease.” The AHCR website offers links to oodles of interesting health care expense studies here and here.