More Medicare Part D Enrollment News

CMS released this week Medicare Part D enrollment figures by plan. It turns out the United Healthcare, which had purchased Pacificare, a major Medicare Advantage player, and then teamed with AARP, and Humana, another major Medicare Advantage player that relied heavily on grassroots marketing at Walmart Stores, gobbled up nearly half of the market.

OPM prepares an FEHBP enrollment report by plan as of March 31, which is used to calculate the following year’s government contribution (72% of the enrollment-weighted average premium capped at 75% of the plan’s actual premium for civil service employees and all annuitants pursuant to 5 U.S.C § 8906 / a higher Postal Service contribution is negotiated for actively employed USPS employees) . The 2006 report should be issued in the second quarter of 2006. Anyone who wants a copy of the 2005 report can email me.