Federal Employees Benefits Open Season Supplement

While the FEHBlog usually doesn’t post on Saturday, we are now half way through the Federal Benefits Open Season and several helpful articles on that topic have been published over the past week; so here you go.

  • Tammy Flanagan discusses in Govexec.com federal employee and annuitant options in the FEHBP and FEDVIP and federal employee options in FSAFeds program.
  • A couple of FEHBlog reminders on FSAFeds — the contribution caps on dependent and healthcare care flexible spending accounts for federal employees are the maximum permitted by federal law; healthcare FSA accountholders can tap their account before the funds have been deposited while dependent care FSA accountholders must wait until funds have been deposited before making permissible expenditures. The FEHBlog has noticed that OPM promptly updates their FSA plan when Congress or the Internal Revenue Service offers new flexibilities.
  • Walt Francis discusses FEHBP options and offers his quick picks in FEDWeek.
  • FedSmith analyzes FEHBP high deductible plans with health savings accounts and other consumer driven plans.

There are 17 days left in this Open Season.