TGIW or Happy Thanksgiving

First the FEHBlog wants to point out that he has corrected the erroneous link in Monday’s post on Medicare Advantage. Lo siento.

Kaiser Health News kicks off this happy season with a recommendation that family discuss end of life planning during the Thanksgiving dinner. It certainly makes sense to discuss this important issue in a family setting, but Thanksgiving?

In this regard Medical News Today reports  “new [American Cancer Society] research examined a total of 1,570,975 cancer cases, 587,521 of which resulted in death. During the analysis, 26 cancer types and 17 risk factors were analyzed.

These 17 risk factors are called “modifiable” because people can take active measures to change them.”

Health Payer Intelligence discusses how data analytics and employee wellness engagement platforms can improve employee health and reduce health plan costs.

Employers that want increased member engagement for wellness services
such as flu shots or other preventive measures need to capture and
leverage data on their employees’ healthcare conditions, preferred
communication tools, and motivating incentives for utilization.

Leveraging analytics to identify high-risk populations helps
employers determine where to direct communications, and who is most
likely to benefit from services.

OPM certainly is an employer that seeks that type of engagement.

The Hartford Courant reports today that “An acquisition of Aetna Inc. by CVS Health
Corp. may meet little resistance from federal regulators under the
Trump administration, speeding the deal toward completion, two analysts
say. A deal between Aetna and CVS could be announced within days, Dow Jones is reporting.”

Last but not least the FEHBlog overlooked that last Thursday OPM’s Healthcare and Insurance Director Alan Spielman blogged about Open Season. Have a look.