Quadruple aim?? We all have heard about the healthcare Triple Aim of improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); improving the health of populations; and
reducing the per capita cost of health care. suggests that no one will achieve the triple aim without including the fourth aim of provider satisfaction.

Reliant Medical Group [located in central Massachusetts] focuses on the Quadruple Aim by implementing team-based care and placing teams in shared spaces.
The medical group, which includes 27 clinical locations, spreads case workloads across teams of caregivers. The team consists of caregivers of all levels and team members share clinical and bureaucratic responsibilities.
Shared spaces is a key component to Reliant Medical Group’s team-based care approach, [Reliant’s CEO] added.

As the FEHBlog is blue skying, he notes that Modern Healthcare is reporting about the development of new quality measures that go beyond outcomes toward overall health and wellness.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement recently endorsed what are called “whole system measures,” or a limited number of measures that encompass patient experience, health of populations and costs. The 15 measures assess areas like job satisfaction, social support from family or friends, and ability to afford healthcare services. 

To that end, Health Payer Intelligence reports that local health plans are becoming involved with supporting affordable housing initiatives.

Also on the cutting edge, Healthcare Dive reports that the Food and Drug Administration has approved for marketing a digital pill called Abilify MyCite that tracks whether the patient ingests the medication.

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released proposed 2019 rules for the Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug (Part D) programs. Here’s a link to the CMS Fact Sheet. Reuters reports that the Part D proposals would allow the plans to use limited pharmacy networks for opioid prescriptions and to share rebates more directly with consumers. The latter proposal is likely causing the industry palpitations. Oh and by the way, hey CMS where is the news release on 2018 Medicare cost sharing amounts and premiums??

CHIME announced that it has ended its patient ID challenge unsuccessfully.  Healthcare Dive explains that “Instead, CHIME will focus its efforts on creating a Patient Identification Task Force through its CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust affiliate.”  That’s disappointing. How about using an intelligence free combination of characters.

Healthcare Dive also reports that “Having a primary care physician (PCP) care for their own patients in hospital settings may result in meaningful differences in care patterns and patient outcomes, according to a new JAMA study.” Well duh. The problem is translated the Dr. Welby scenario to a group practice scenario — see Quadruple Aim.

Finally the FEHBlog ran across this Centers for Disease Control website on cancer statistics across our great land.  Check it out.