Farewell, Ms. Cobert

With little fanfare, OPM today switched the acting Director bio from Beth Cobert, who as a political appointee rode into the sunset, to Kathleen McGettigan. Ms. McGettigan’s bio on opm.gov explains that

Kathleen McGettigan was named Acting Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) on January 19, 2017. She has an extensive understanding of both the private and public sector, having spent over 25 years dedicated to the Federal service at OPM and 20 years in private sector financial management.

Most recently Ms. McGettigan served as the Chief Management Officer (CMO) at OPM, providing overall organizational insight, analysis and strategic planning to effectively meet programmatic and financial goals of the agency.

 (Of course, OPM has not had a deputy director for an Ice Age.)  Best wishes, Ms. Cobert, and good luck, Ms. McGettigan.

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