Weekend update

We are four weeks away from the beginning of the Federal Benefits Open Season.  The National Academy of Medicine is holding its annual meeting this week. Their focus is on the twin problems of obesity and diabetes.  In a similar vein, the Washington Post continued its series on health problems faced by rural America.  This article mau maus the prescription drug industry for creating drugs to control the side effects of opioids.  It’s not an either replace opioids with other painkillers or treat side effects proposition in the FEHBlog’s view.

Becker’s Hospital Review offers six observations on the current state of the government’s anti-trust litgitation with two sets of large health insurers seeking to merge.  “The proceedings will play out over the next few months, as the Anthem-Cigna trial is slated for Nov. 21 and the Aetna-Humana trial is set for Dec. 5.”