Weekend Update

The FEHBlog trusts that his readers enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. The House of Representatives and the Senate resume attending to the people’s business tomorrow with twelve days left before the continuing resolution funding the federal government expires on December 11.  The Hill reports on the key measures pending before Congress this month.

The Federal Benefits Open Season has two weeks left before its conclusion on December 14. Tammy Flanagan provides advice on items for federal and postal employees to consider before then.

Health Data Management makes five cybersecurity predictions for 2016 (none encouraging) while OPM introduces the public to Clifton Triplett, the new senior cybersecurity advisor to the agency’s director.

The Wall Street Journal reports on how the collapse of New York State’s health care co-op, Health Republic Insurance, is costing the State’s medical practices millions of dollars in unpaid claims. The irony is that there was no reason for Congress to create these new co-ops in the ACA because there are plenty of non-profit insurers. In any event, the ACA is aimed at limiting the net income of for profit and non-profit insurers.