The ACA regulators issued ACA FAQ XXVI) today.  These FAQs, which respond to consumer group complaints, address various aspects of the ACA mandate on non-grandfathered plans (most FEHB plans) to cover certain preventive services with no enrollee cost sharing when provided in network. 

CCIIO also issued FAQs on the new HHS mandate to embed an individual self only out of pocket maximums under other than self only enrollments. As indicated in the FAQs, HHS announced this mandate in the preamble to the 2016 notice of benefit and payment parameters but as unmentioned in the FAQs, HHS failed to appropriately amend the ACA rules. This oversight doesn’t seem to concern CCIIO. The FEHBlog is surprised that HHS has not issued an errata to the notice of benefit and payment parameters. That fix may be still be forthcoming.