Mid-week update

The National Community Pharamacists Association is complaining the prescription benefit manager generic drug pricing schedule known as MAC lists are not keeping pace with rising generic drug costs that the FEHBlog has noted.  NCPA wants at least weekly updates and has pushed CMS to apply that rule to Medicare Part D plans beginning next year. NCPA wants a legislative fix that would apply to the FEHBP. Preferably the PBMs will listen to the pharmacists concerns voluntarily.

The Workgroup for Electronic Date Interchange is expressing concern about the slow pace of provider testing of ICD-10 coding according to Healthcare Informatics    Tempis fugit. A train wreck could be coming.

Modern Healthcare continues to report on public comments submitted on the government’s electronic record interoperability roadmap. 

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released its 2015 U.S. county health rankings. Check out your county.