Wedding weekend

The FEHBlog’s oldest daughter’s wedding occurs in New York City tomorrow and the welcome dinner is tonight so the FEHBlog will be brief. The House did pass the bipartisan sustainable rate of growth repeal and replace bill on Wednesday, but the Senate went on Passover / Easter break (watch out Daytona Beach!) before taking up the bill.  Modern Healthcare reports that the Senate should pass the bill when soon after it returns on April 13.

Both the House and the Senate have passed budget resolutions.  According to, both resolutions suggest that Congress will be paying some attention to the FEHBP in appropriations bills this year beyond the traditional appropriations provisions (no full CAS coverage, abortion coverage restriction, contraception coverage mandate). The budget resolutions set Congressional goals and policies, but are not laws themselves. The House and the Senate will reconcile their budgets and adopt a unified budget resolution next month.

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