Monday Musings

Quite a few interesting tidbits crossed the FEHBlog’s desk today.

  • Here’s a link to the Edington Associates’ presentation from the population health management webinar that the FEHBlog attended last Thursday. You can view a recording of the webinar at this link.
  • This statement does not surprise the FEHBlog but he was surprised that a study came to this intuitive conclusion — “Based on publicly available information, there is scant evidence to back up claims by large, nonprofit integrated health systems that they deliver higher quality care more efficiently [than for-profit systems], according to a new study released today from the nonpartisan National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI).”  Here’s the link
  • It should come as no surprise to anyone that Information Management reports that medical identification thefts are on the rise due to the government incubated growth of electronic medical records. Paper records were more secure but that ship has sailed. Let’s hope we do get the bang for the buck out of this $30 billion government investment.
  • The Washington Post reports that a Northern Virginia security firm has linked the Anthem data breach to China.  “Malicious software used in the Anthem hack conclusively matches malware that was used to target a small U.S. defense contractor and that the FBI has said originated in China, said Rich Barger, chief intelligence officer of ThreatConnect. “The malware is so unique — the digital signature is so precise — in these two incidents that we strongly feel the same Chinese actors were involved,” Barger said. He said the links do not reveal who exactly carried out the Anthem hack but point to involvement of Chinese government-sponsored entities.”
  • Truven Health Analytics today released its 2015 lists of top 100 hospitals in the United States.