Happy Thanksgiving

The FEHBlog appreciates the fact which he learned from govexec.com that federal and postal employees and annuitants are thankful for their FEHB plans. A recent Morning Consult survey of 500 federal employees and annuitants found that

  • FEHB participants are very satisfied with their coverage — the FEHB program has an extremely high satisfaction Respondents who are satisfied with their health care coverage is 99% (39% extremely, 45% very, 14% somewhat satisfied). Merely 1% of all respondents rate themselves as either “not very” or “not at all” satisfied with their coverage.
  • FEHB participants are highly satisfied with the broad choices available in their health plans— Overall satisfaction with the number of health plan options is at 97%, with 80% of FEHB participants being extremely or very
  • Participants also see high value from their FEHB plans — not a single respondent rates themselves “not at all satisfied” with regard to the value of their plan through Overall, 96% express some level of satisfaction, and 74% rate themselves in the top two categories of “extremely” or “very” satisfied.
The FEHBlog knows hard FEHB plans work to provide high quality health benefits to their members and it’s great to read that those efforts are being recognized by the people who count. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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