Weekend update

Congress is on its August break.

There’s no doubt that the Affordable Care Act has spurred change in the health care industry. Of course, change is not necessarily good so that’s why the FEHBlog enjoys tracking it.

AIS provides a helpful update on bundled payment approaches that will bend the cost curve down.

Government Health IT muses about whether heathcare is ready for comsumerization. But this Kaiser Health News article about Medibid tells us that ready or not consumerization of healthcare is here. KHS explains

The four-year-old online service links patients seeking non-emergency care with doctors and facilities that offer it, much the way Priceline unites travelers and hotels. Vetting doctors is left to prospective patients: Medibid does not verify credentials but requires doctors to submit their medical license number for patients to check.

According to Medibid’s website, the company also is offering its service to employer sponsored health plans.