Weekend Update

Congress is on Spring break for the next two weeks.

In his last post, the FEHBlog noted that CVS Caremark had issued its annual report on prescription drug utilization. It turns out that the other mega PBM Express Scripts issued its annual utilization report last week too. Here’s a link to it.

Finally here’s a link to a troubling article from the Wall Street Journal. Several years ago doctors started to use a tool called a morcellator to pulverize the uterus. This approach required much less recovery time than a traditional hysterectomy. However, if there were cancerous rumors attached to the uterus and the surgeon did not remove all of the pieces of the broken up  tumors, the tumor fragments remaining in the woman’s body seriously endangered her health. Surgeons took a while to pick up on this rare problem. They now are addressing the problem and disclosing it to patients. The FEHBlog does not know what to make of this article. Even surgeons are humans who make mistakes, but The article is a head shaker.