Weekend update

Congress remains at work in Washington this week before taking its August recess.  The Hill’s Floor Watch has more details.

AHIP posted an infographic from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality showing 30-day readmission rates to U.S. hospitals. “Of particular note: the privately insured have lower readmission rates than Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.”  OPM has been encouraging FEHB plans to take steps to reduce 30 day hospital readmission rates.

 Kaiser Health News reports that the ACA “boost status of alternative medicine — at least on paper.” The article discusses how California and a few other states are requiring patients to pay out of pocket for chiropractic care next year, notwithstanding the new Public Health Service Act § 2706 discussed in ACA FAQ XII.  The ACA regulators punted on this provision, declining to issue an implementing rule because in the FEHBlog’s view it’s a political hot potato. The American Medical Association detests it while the alternative provider associations love it.  No doubt the lawyers will love it too as the controversy will spur litigation.


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