Mid week update

The AP reports that the Senate failed yesterday to pass an amendment modifying or repealing the Affordable Care Act’s changes to the IRS Form 1099 MISC reporting requirement, which has become quite a big political football.

Skimming through my BNA publications, I ran across two recent studies of interest:

  • A recent Congressional Budget Office study on how obesity in adults affects health care spending, and
  • A recent Health Affairs study on where Americans get their health care (and it’s not typically from the family doctor anymore.)

I also subscribe to the AMA News. Here are two AMA News articles that caught my attention:

  • One discusses a recent RAND study on the current place of retail clinics, e.g., MinuteClinic, in the U.S. healthcare system (it’s yet to be defined), and 
  • The other discusses the trend of health insurers to open storefronts in retail malls.