Tuesday Tidbits

I plowed through some of the PPACA minimum loss ratio comments posted on the regulations.gov website and I found these to be worth reading — AHIP’s comments and attachment and Oliver Wyman (actuarial firm) comments and associated study. I must say that regulation.gov is one difficult site to navigate.

The clock is ticking again toward the end of the month when the COBRA/TCC continuation coverage subsidy and the moratorium on the 21% cut in Medicare Part B payments to physicians end. The AMA News reports on the medical profession’s strategy for Congress to enact a five year freeze.

Business Insurance reports on a Towers Watson Consulting survey of 661 employers finding that 16% of those employers said they would extend the coverage [to adult dependents up to age 26] before the [PPACA] required effective date [typically January 1, 2011], 78% said they would wait until the effective date and 6% did not yet know.”  The study indicates that employers lack the resources necessary to accelerate implementation into this year.