Tomorrow’s the big day!

At 2 pm tomorrow, Sept. 13, OPM Director Linda Springer will hold a press conference to announce 2008 premiums for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Program. As a point of reference, a Kaiser Family Foundation study released yesterday states that employer sponsored health insurance costs have increased 6.1% on average in 2007. The Wall Street Journal reports that

This is the fourth straight year premiums have decelerated since soaring nearly 14% in 2003.But after a decade of inflation-topping increases, the annual cost for family coverage through an employer plan is now more than $12,000, well over what a minimum-wage worker earns in a year. Workers now pay on average $3,281 a year to cover their share of that family policy, double what they did in 2000, the survey found.