Happy Independence Day!

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Amazingly, the Washington Nationals shut out the Chicago Cubs 6-0 and Kobayashi lost the Coney Island hot dog eating competition. What a day!

Here are a couple of odds and ends:

  • Robert Moffitt of the Heritage Foundation has published an interesting analysis comparing of the FEHB Program and state health insurance exchanges such as the Massachusetts health insurance connector.
  • In the wake of the GAO and privacy advocates beating up HHS again for inadequately protecting privacy and security, the New York Times published a report yesterday about how health care providers are too restrictive in disclosing protected health information. The solution is a hearty dose of common sense on all sides.
  • Google has created a health care advisory panel with a lot of heavy hitters from the health care world, but I didn’t notice any representatives from the health insurance industry.