Successful Hospital Care Improvement Campaign

The Institute for Health Care Improvement sponsors the 100,000 Lives Campaign to improve hospital care by implementing up to six evidence-based and life-saving interventions at participating hospitals. The Institute reported today that over the first 18 months of this program has avoided an estimated 122,300 deaths at 3,000 participating U.S. hospitals. What’s more,

As a result of the Campaign, many patients have begun to enjoy a new standard of care. Over 20 facilities have reported that they have gone over a year without a Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia, a leading killer among all hospital-acquired infections, demonstrating that this sort of complication can be avoided and is not inevitable. Hundreds of hospitals have also now instituted rapid response teams, a relatively new concept that is saving lives. Participating hospitals have also made great headway in delivering reliable care for Acute Myocardial Infarction, preventing adverse drug events, and preventing surgical site and central line infections.

Now that’s the Hippocratic Oath in action!